Mobile Truck Repair Services Available 24/7

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Highway/Over the Road on site fleet services

Count on our round-the-clock mobile emergency road repair services to quickly get you back on the road, When breakdowns happen, P&B’s 24-hour mobile truck repair services technician will come to you. Call or email our dispatch team now.

Intermodal Trucking Emergency Repairs

The repercussions of a commercial truck breakdown extend far beyond the immediate repair. Outside of the repair fees, the costly expense of towing the truck to a repair shop and delays in cargo delivery, can lead to additional revenue losses.

When a breakdown occurs, if not repaired quickly, there are additional administrative costs incurred. The need to reschedule, arrange repairs, and communicate with customers and drivers, require additional staff resources and results in additional financial burdens.

P&B’s onsite semi truck roadside assistance ensures faster repairs, minimizing downtime, revenue loss, and missed delivery appointments. This approach simplifies the challenges of managing a breakdown away from home.

P&B branded medium size truck and shipping container

Mobile Fleet Services

Visit our Locations Page to see availability of our 24 Hour Mobile Truck Repairs across the nation.