P&B Intermodal Advantage

At P&B Intermodal, we have a host of factors that we believe create a unique competitive advantage and set us apart from the rest of the competition. These factors combine service offerings, company culture, internal processes, and technology in such a way that make up our company’s compelling value proposition.

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Innovative Technology

The importance of leveraging technology to improve the speed and accuracy of work processes, the quality of service delivery, the speed of communication, and the reduction of service costs is a key component to the the success of the company. Therefore, we continually work to find and make use of the most current and helpful technological resources possible.

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Safety should always be the first priority. We take the safety of our employees, your assets, and your own employees very seriously. We implement rigorous and regular training, safety inspections, safety planning, and safety inspection routines. Through safety inspections, it’s a simple formula of routine, rigor, and repetition, but it’s crucial to maintaining consistently safe operations and quality repair work.

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We have acquired a great deal of knowledge regarding services, efficient processes, work flow, and management through our thirty plus years of experience. This has translated to a successful business based on quality service which allows us to offer a wide range of services to our intermodal clients.

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“Driven to keep you rolling…P&B Intermodal puts the needs of the client at the top.”

We are quick to respond to clients, our customers come first, and our employees are part of the “family.”

We have a top-notch intellectual Executive team that takes a hands-on, front-line approach to leadership and client service. It’s just the right way to do business.

We believe in mutual success with our suppliers, customers, and all employees.