Depot M&R Billing

The billing program provides a cost-effective M&R billing solution for a range of clients. It also generates mechanic reports, inventory reports, sales reports, and usage reports by job code and equipment type. Data delivery is set to meet the needs of our customer’s operating system

IT Enhancements

We place a heavy emphasis maintaining helpful technological capabilities. As a result, we are continuously pushing technological improvements in all areas, including billing & estimation software (via handhelds). We also have EDI capabilities and carry technology to achieve real-time reporting and data capabilities.

Lite Check Inspector 910-B

This is an all-in-one automatic diagnostic tool for chassis’ air brakes, electrical, and ABS systems. It enables –rapid identification of leaks and electrical issues, remote wiring verification, –etc. The resulting benefits include reduced brake, electrical inspection, and troubleshooting time, as well as improved maintenance and productivity.

Depot Mobile Smart Phones & Tablets

Our mobile technology enables real-time updates and reports as well as estimates and invoices for M&R repairs. Other features include the ability to capture a driver’s signature for outbound roadability lane repairs, update bad order lists via EDI, and attach 8 photos per estimate/invoice. Ultimately, it helps lower administration costs during estimation and can provide customer estimates on a real-time basis.

My Asset Status

MyAsset Status is a real-time Asset Status and Availability Management Tool. Developed for maintenance managers and repair technicians, this web and mobile app allows for concurrent monitoring of asset status and availability over a large network. For increased asset uptime and better contingency planning, make MyAsset Status a part of your daily workflow.